Philips BDM4037UW review: Amazing colours, poor brightness

Philips BDM4037UW review: Amazing colours, poor brightness

I don’t know about you, but I love having multiple monitors on my desk. Every time I go away and have to work on my tiny 15in laptop screen, I groan inwardly. I mean, how am I meant to check emails, look at product specs, have the RPS team Slack open and do all my writing when I’ve only got a single 1920×1080 screen at my disposal!? It simply isn’t possible.

I joke, obviously, but there’s a small part of me that feels the same way when I’m at home in my office, too. I’ve worked with two monitors for as long as I can remember, and dropping down to one just isn’t practical for me anymore. But when you’ve got something as big as the 40in Philips BDM4037UW stuck on your desk, it makes me think a one monitor work and gaming setup might just be doable.


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