Mom Spots Son’s Ghost on Home Security System? – Coast to Coast AM

Mom Spots Son’s Ghost on Home Security System? – Coast to Coast AM

A mother in Atlanta was recently startled when her home security system alerted her to an intruder in the kitchen. Checking the video footage, she was shocked to find an apparition of who she believed was her late son. Whether you believe a young man’s ghost visited his mother, or a security system is in need of maintenance, it doesn’t matter. For once, technology provided solace to someone who needed it. Next is a less warm and fuzzy report for those who like their ghost stories dark and foreboding. The Dark History Of The Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans is more terrible than most, filled with rumors of tortured slaves who would choose death over the punishments meted out by their owner. The property was eventually vacated and later used for a variety of ill-fated businesses, finally being purchased as a private residence, its dark paranormal reputation intact. But sadly, its current owner is no fan of ghost tours, so visitors must content themselves with standing on the sidewalk in front of the manse. (CM)

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