Let It Be Sunday, 206!

Let It Be Sunday, 206!

Let It Be Sunday, 206!

Hello dear friends!

Welcome to this fine Sunday.  I hope this finds you well, warm and dry from all the rain that seems to be falling everydangwhere.

The pride of my week was that I was able to roast and stock all of the wilting vegetables in my refrigerator.  Most everything went onto a pan or into the stock pot and listen, I’ll count these small victories when I win them.  As part of the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge I even turned six past-their-prime satsumas and blood oranges into shrubs with some forgotten rosemary and ginger.  Truth is, things are going to be alright.  Likely even better than alright.

The offering this week is on the lighter side.  Although – thank you for all of your thoughtful comments on last week’s post.  I am thankful for your presence here and the thoughts you share.

•  Let’s talk about fried chicken:  Popeye’s:  when you know,  you know.

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