Gronk’s brother shares thoughts on retirement talk surrounding TE

Gronk’s brother shares thoughts on retirement talk surrounding TE

Rob Gronkowski did not make a major impact on the stat sheet this season the way he has done throughout most of his career, but his presence has been felt in a big way during the playoffs. While a slightly slower Gronk is better than most of the tight ends in football, that does not mean he is committed to continuing his career after the Super Bowl. Gronkowski’s older brother Chris, a former NFL fullback, told TMZ this week that Rob probably has not made up his mind about whether or not he will keep playing. “I think that’s a question that I don’t think anybody actually knows the answer to at this point,” Chris said. “There’s so many emotions going throughout a season, throughout an offseason, throughout a game. I think that’s probably the last thing on anybody’s mind right now. You don’t even think about that stuff going into a huge game like this. “I couldn’t tell you, and I don’t even think at this point that he knows what he’s going to do after the season.” While a lot of the retirement rumors stem from

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