FOCUS: The Greatest Superpower

FOCUS: The Greatest Superpower

Sure, it might be cooler to be able to fly or breathe underwater, but focus is a superpower you can actually develop and put to good use. The ability to focus is also a great predictor of success.

Unfortunately, developing this superpower can be a challenge because there are more interesting distractions than ever before. We are bombarded with countless distractions that are carefully tailored to be as interesting as possible to us.

Social media attempts to take control of your attention as much as it can. And the social media companies know a lot about you. Billionaires own and run these companies, so you know they’re good at what they do.

But it’s not just nefarious companies trying to make a buck that are to blame. Your environment and habits are to blame, too. There’s a lot that goes into focusing at a high level over an extended period of time.

Luckily, despite all that, focus is one superpower that you can develop!

Enhance your ability to focus by using these strategies:

  1. Decide what you’re going to focus on and for how long. Focus isn’t something that can be maintained indefinitely. It’s a relatively short-term activity. But you can repeat it after a short break. You also need something to focus your attention on.
    • Decide what you’re going to do. Be specific. Have a specific task in mind that you’re going to either complete or work on for a set amount of time.
  1. Remove distractions. What is distracting to you? Avoid trying to focus in the presence of distractions. Either remove the distractions or move to a different environment. You might have to take the TV out of your office. Maybe you need to go to the library to do any real work.

  2. Set a timer. Timers free you up from having to check the clock repeatedly. They also create a sense of urgency and provide a little emotional relief. You know that you’re done when the timer goes off.
    • It’s a lot easier to sit down and focus for 40 minutes multiple times than it is to focus for an entire day.
  1. Take care of your body. Sufficient sleep and a healthy diet can greatly enhance your ability to focus.

  2. Take regular breaks. Productivity experts recommend not working for more than 50 minutes without a 10-minute break. Some people find that 25 minutes of work with a five-minute break is best. Also, take a 20-30-minute break every couple of hours. Your ability to focus is recharged when you take breaks.

  3. Turn off notifications. Computer and smartphone notifications are focus killers. Turn them all off. You can check them on your breaks.

  4. Put your phone away. Put your phone on airplane mode and stick in the drawer. Or leave it in the other room if you have to. Every text message, phone call, and email will still be there when you have a break.

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could just focus at a higher level for a greater number of hours each day!

We know that we need to focus, but no one ever taught us how. But getting better at focusing isn’t complicated. A productive environment, a healthy, well-rested body, and practice are all that you need.

The ability to focus at a high level is the greatest superpower you can have. It’s a huge advantage! When you build your power to focus, you’ll have an advantage over almost anyone.


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