Darksiders III Meets Internal Expectations At THQ Nordic

Darksiders III Meets Internal Expectations At THQ Nordic

When THQ went down in flames in 2013, Darksiders was one of the flagship series famously scooped up by THQ Nordic (formerly Nordic Games). After five years of patiently waiting, fans were finally given a third entry in the franchise that was always intended to have several sequels.

The game was released to seemingly little fanfare last year – despite deserving more – but according to THQ Nordic’s interim report covering the calendar year 2018, Darksiders III “has performed within management’s range of expectations and has recouped all investments made in development and marketing during the quarter.”

This bodes well for anyone who was hopeful the series would continue. With Fury’s introduction in Darksiders III, that leaves only one horseman of the apocalypse left for a potential fourth game, Strife. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait another five years for that game.

If you missed Darksiders III, then you can read Kyle Hilliard’s review here to see how it stacked up to the first two. You can also play the first game on Switch soon.

[Source: THQ Nordic via Reset Era]

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