Corbyn: PM ‘playing chicken with people’s livelihoods’ – BBC News

Corbyn: PM ‘playing chicken with people’s livelihoods’ – BBC News

Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn says the “country facing biggest crisis in a generation” and Ms May is “recklessly running down the clock”.

The prime minister has “more excuses and more delays”, he adds.

The Labour leader asks what progress Mrs May has made on alternative arrangements and if she set those arrangement before the House.

Jemery Corbyn accuses the prime minister of “playing” with jobs and industries, adding that the Nissan decision may be the “thin end of a very long wedge”.

He adds that the Leader of the House says a meaningful vote will be on 21 March, days before Brexit, and asks if this is not the case when will the meaning vote be.

Mr Corbyn says the prime minister is “playing chicken with people’s livelihoods”.

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